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Our mission is to push aviation towards a sustainable future.


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This is the Hemera, our helium based hybrid airship concept. It's designed to operate as a luxury, tourist ferry, providing passengers with an indulgent yet truly sustainable way to travel.



As the world moves to be faster and faster in all forms of transport, this is always at the expense of the experience. Airships offer the opportunity for something radically different. They can provide unparalleled luxury and convenience, all the while transforming passengers time into something for them to cherish and enjoy.

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Floor to ceiling windows envelope the passengers and give them an unparalleled 180-degree field of view. This paired with a low cruising altitude allows everyone on-board to appreciate the fine details of the world below.

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Large interior spaces give way to comfortable and transformable seating, with ample space for even the tallest traveller to stretch out, relax and take in the scenery.

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Takeoff and landing is graceful and confidence inspiring. While cruising is smooth and silent thanks to the extensive sound deadening and electric propeller drive.


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Powerful electric motors allow for fast, reliable and almost silent travel. With all the energy used for propulsion drawn from renewable sources, the running costs and environmental impact is minimal.



Designed solely for water landings, this airship could moor at a wide range of sites. It even opens up the possibility of using city centre rivers, quays and ports. Allowing it to take passengers to and from the very heart of cities.


Aerodynamically profiled for lift, both the envelope itself and wings generate reliable and stable lift. For ease of operation and safety, Helium is used to offset but not overcome the airships total weight.



A high speed, water ballast system drastically increases the weight of the airship as soon as it lands upon the surface of the water. This drastically increases control-ability and safety.

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With a short to medium range and a relatively high cruise speed of 80mph+, the Hemera can comfortably travel to destinations over 600 miles away.


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