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The mission for the Aether: Sky Cruise concept was to capture the imagination of the public and kindle excitement and energy for the next generation of airship technology.

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Public Opinion

Airships once ruled the skies. Before planes could even make it across the Atlantic, airships were the fastest and most glamorous way to make the trip. The big turning point for the public opinion came in 1937 when the biggest and grandest airship, the LZ129 Hindenburg caught fire when making its approach to Lakehurst, New Jersey. This disaster shaped public opinion for all the years that followed and marked the end of the lighter than air era.

Even with large advances in airship safety, technology and manufacture, this is a prejudice that all modern airships are still facing. To change this perception, the Aether needed to showcase this new airship technology through a design that both looked and worked in a new and exciting way.

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There is a growing demand for exciting and engaging holiday experiences, as millennials turn to experiences over things. This is what formed the basis for the Aether Sky Cruise. An experience like no other.


Floor to ceiling windows on both floors give the maximum viewing experience to all passengers. This paired with a low cruising altitude allows everyone on-board to appreciate the fine details of the world below.


A large bar restaurant space gives way to comfortable seating that encourages social interaction between guests. The low cruising altitude and pressurised interior helps to ensure great taste throughout the dining experience.

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Large double rooms with en-suite give passengers a personal and private space to retreat too. Here they can get a great night’s sleep while in flight.


Powerful electric propulsion fans and cutting edge sound insulation provide a stable and silent flight. The speed of this airship makes it possible for passengers to wake up in a new destination each day.




Eight large electric fans are used for lift and maneuvering at slow speed. These can pivot in all directions, making this vast airship highly maneuverable.


This is a technology that was created by Aeros Corporation. It allows the pilot to add weight to vehicle by compressing the outside air into a ballast tank. This allows for greater control and safety when landing and taking off.




We hope to one day design and build a real world version of this Aether concept. As passengers can sleep on board, the travel time is instead used to rest and refresh passengers. Allowing them to wake up in a whole new city, over 1000 miles away. This paired with the experience and luxury of the Hemera, will once again make airships the most convenient, unique and sustainable way to travel.



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